How to select a Good Domain Name & Hosting Service

How to Select a Good Domain Name?

For a novice or new entrant like me it is sometimes difficult to decide upon a good domain name for a blog,website or portal. As there are many dependency factors which a good or bad domain name carries. A ‘hot’ domain name is something we all targets , because SEO and other search engine related relevancy is highly depends upon a keyword rich domain name.

But this fact is not true in all the scenarios, let us take (Digital Inspiration) the name is not so known generally in day to day english, but it is now a reputed ‘brand’. The logic is simple behind the vast popularity of labnol and that is nothing other than “content”  available on this blog. The same goes with AmitBhawani.Com , this one is also an individual’s name but due to hard work of Amit Bhawani (Renowned Indian Blogger) it is a hit.

Now let me tell you the logic behind selecting IndiaFIR.Com , and it was nothing other than a  back order credit balance available on my GoDaddy account . I have back ordered some domain name on this popular domain registrar and failed to capture my dream name as a policy GoDaddy never refunds on failed back orders, rather they provide a credit to utilize to register some other name available. So I was searching their back order list and key in term “India” , as a result I found IndiaFIR.Com as available , this name attracted my attention as it was a short and sweetest one. “India” and “FIR” are the terms which made me think and use this domain for some blogging purpose. “FIR” in the domain name has nothing to do with the police term which haunts average Indians ;-).  FIR could be anything “Fir”  stands for “Once Again” in Hindi or in general terms “First Information Report”.  All said , the best way is to make original content rich blog to get more traffic.


Then the new challenge popped up was of a good host , well it is totally upon the traffic which your website is going to cater , for new sites there are many similar options available. I initially went for HostBlast.Net they are really cheap shared hosting providers, Everything is Unlimited(Domains,Space,Bandwidth…etc.) at 0.50 cent/Month. In case the traffic grows in coming months and years then dedicated servers at Rackspace, Linode,  HostGator or VPS.Net are the best ones.


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