Hello Everybody,

After much wait and dry runs , finally I arrived on internet with something I was waiting  for a long time.

For years I was just thinking of  having a blog, but as like many others I was also only planning. 🙂

However this is my first blog post on IndiaFIR.Com

It is never late to start a personal blog or website, as day by day technology and publishing options are growing multifaceted.  There are lot many CMS scripts,plugins,extensions,themes,social media sharing options and other integrators available  on the net sphere to explore with. After trying most popular ones , I fell for WordPress.  As WordPress is the easiest and most popular blogging tool available with plenty of options and extensions and above all everything is free there. When I  think beyond just blogging , WordPress is up to everything like SEO.

Well other than internet and blogging I like music,  food, travelling and many other things. In coming days, months and years I will be posting about different fields, topics, products, events and everything.

Thanks for taking your time out and reading this fresh post.



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