How to build a dynamic blog?

This post will provide some informational bites for fresh bloggers to create a vibrant, multi- channel blog.

It is evident, most of us run blogs on WordPress platform so the whole post will emphasize on the WP environment only. Let us start with the meaning of dynamic blog.

Meaning: A dynamic web log is one for me , which communicates with the target audience through different communication channels available on internet. That is it. [Let us not complicate 😉 it more].

Quality of Content: Always give your best shot while posting any new information on the blog, as it difficult for average reader to get in to the technicalities mentioned in the content. In result to that he/she will leave that post or page half read and move to somewhere else, to keep them glued to your posts keep it simple. No too lengthy posts until and unless it is required to go that extra mile is another way to write interesting posts.

Plugins: Plugins play an important role in any WP based blog as these extra bells and whistles add value to your blog both ways(For the author and the readers). There is plenty of articles available on internet like “Top 10 WordPress plugins” ,  “Must have wordpress Plugins” etc..but we really do not need all those ‘boosters’ available on every third website 🙂 . A good SEO optimization tool, Speed Enhancer, Social Media Plugin and email newsletter subscription widget is enough. Rest is as per your needs and requirements. But take care that you WordPress installation is not heavily burdened.

Social Media: Past few years were significant in evolution and spread of social media in form of Twitter and Facebook primarily. Now Google+ is also playing a vital role in this area. As a blogger , a presence on these platforms is further value addition. Since our loyal readers  wants us to see on those websites where they spend almost two third of their time. So create those aliases/names/pages similar to your primary blog URL on these channels. Lastly do it and share it on your blog as well in form of some logo/links on homepage or the header bar.

Feeds/Subscription: Old and successful way of creating loyal readership. Use it.

Readability:  Technology takes new turns every third second, Internet is intruding mobile phones, smart pads,PDAs and Smart TVs these days. Make sure your code support all these devices as more and more people are moving away  from traditional desktops and laptops to the new handy gadgets.

Ads/Revenue: To earn something from our blog we normally infuse ads in the posts and pages , its fine till the level it is less irritating. Avoid text link ads for content ,  those balloons literally give pains to readers. Text banner ads in sync with font and colors of the blog are fine.

As a conclusive note , keep it content rich and simple with minimal plugins. Success will be yours.


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